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Preventing illnesses has never been more important as our family members return to school and work. Based on recent changes in governmental compliance, the possibility of transmission has drastically increased due to the removal of mask mandates which has also increased the threat of illness in residential spaces primarily due to family members being exposed to Covid-19 away from home.

With the spread of COVID-19, you want to ensure your home is a healthy environment. With conventional cleaning methods, it’s often difficult to reach areas, like keyboards, light switches, and other commonly used areas of your home such as restrooms, kitchens and bedrooms. As a result, your family has increased exposure to contaminated surfaces that often become a source of transmission.

Our GBAC Certified Technicians utilize commercial-grade, induction-charged electrostatic sprayers combined with an infection control application process that focuses on high touch points and high traffic areas, throughout your home to ensure your space is disinfected correctly by using EPA-certified eco-friendly products that are proven to kill the COVID-19 virus and a wide variety of other dangerous pathogens that can endanger your family. 

How Induction-Charged Electrostatic Disinfection Services Work


Why is cleaning and disinfection important?

When someone who’s infected coughs or sneezes, germs become airborne, then land on surfaces and contaminate them. On cardboard, the COVID-19 virus can live for 24 hours. It can also remain on plastics for two days and on metal for up to three days. Without regular disinfection, this can trigger transmission amongst family members.

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