Auto Disinfecting Services

Auto Disinfecting Services

Whether you’re an auto dealer or private owner or seller, putting vehicles on the market that are clean and odor-free is foundational to a successful sale.

A car can look crystal clean, yet be loaded with bacteria and germs, which leads to foul odors in the right conditions. After you get your vehicle detailed, you still might have a germ and odor issue. Especially when it comes to making purchasing decisions on vehicles, smell plays more of a role than we realize. Fast Clean can eliminate all unnatural smells from your vehicle and increase your chances of selling your vehicle.
Heated and cooled seats feature tiny pinholes that trap odors. We get those odors out completely. Our vehicle disinfecting services kill smoke and other offensive odors in any vehicle.

Eliminate foul odors on your vehicle and get it smelling fresh and new. Fast Clean can treat all of your incoming vehicles from auctions or trade-ins and get them ready for the next customer. Contact us for a free test.

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